Abuses Are Premiering Video For Their Latest Single


Latvian post-punk trio Abuses premiere a video for their latest single called Say Something. The video is a debut directorial release of Ērika Daņiloviča. Her distinctive approach to photography gives this video a unique aesthetic. Therefore, the viewers will experience her personal perspective and stance about the pandemic. The video embraces a grimy, blurry, retro, cold, nearly sepia ambiance, which is a characteristic of the videos that emerged from the early eighties till the early nineties. This video footage will be such a treat for all the admirers of the artsy, avant-garde, abstract, meaningful music video, and the most important thing, it perfectly pairs with the composition.

Photo by Sabine Moore
Photo by Sabine Moore

The director said about the video: “The music video is about the human condition – how a person feels during a certain period of time. All people are very different and individual, but when a person enters synergy with stress and denial of reality, then all people are connected in the feeling and want to escape their external and internal world. A person enters a state, in which they wish to be free of their ‘’prison’’ – of their cyclic existential life and their ego. This state in Hinduism is called moksha. Moksha personifies the point of attraction towards which people rush to in order to feel their ethereal body and relax completely.”

Abuses - Say Something

Say Something resonates in such as beautiful, fresh, and unique manner. Abuses are heavily inspired by post-punk, goth rock, dark-wave, cold wave, dark pop, indie rock music that gains even more popularity every day. The group blends all these elements altogether in polyphonous harmony that will especially suit the fans of synthwave infused post-punk. Their sound balances somewhere between eighties scene and contemporary sound, so there’s something for everyone packed within this ear-appealing number. Say Something is available on Spotify and Bandcamp, while the video is available on YouTube.

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