LA Horror Punk Band Salem’s Ghosts Offers A Brand New Single

Salem's Ghosts

Los Angeles, CA horror punk band Salem’s Ghosts promotes a brand new single named Sacrifice. Inspired by the greats of the genre, such as Danzig, Samhain, The Misfits, Balzac, Calabrese, Argyle Goolsby, and many others, Salem’s Ghosts are one of those bands who’re putting a lot of effort into their sound. The group operates by devotedly following DIY ethos in everything they do. The group prints their merch and pays a lot of attention to visual identity and graphic imagery. Besides the visual aspect, the group also writes, composes, produces, and masters their tunes, so Salem’s Ghost is the labor of love and dedication.


Sacrifice represents a perfect blend of macabre, obscure, darkness, and terror, packed into a compact horror punk number. This composition is the part of Blood Magic, a full-length material set to be released in 2021. The band merges elements of horror punk, goth rock, hard rock, and other complementary genres to depict grimy sonic imagery. It contains heavy, robust, compact riffs and stable rhythmic structures that will appeal to any admirer of the beforementioned genres. Just add clean, shouty lead vocals over the top with bits of growls here and there, and you got yourself a tremendous horror punk number. Sacrifice is available on streaming services, such as Spotify and YouTube.

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