Scotty Radinsky

Interview: Scott Radinsky Of Pulley

Scott Radinsky

There’s no chance you’re into skatepunk and not knowing anything about Pulley. This highly influential band roams the punk rock scene for more than two and half decades. Since 1994, the band released countless recordings, toured the world, and continues to do so today. Recently, the band released their first acoustic EP named Different Strings, so I sat with Scott Radinsky and talked about this material and things in general.

Hello, Scott. First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. How have you been? You guys recently published your first acoustic material. What are the reactions of the punk rock community about the acoustic versions, and how are you satisfied with the result?

Scott: Yes we have, so far I haven’t heard really too much about it. I think the novelty of collecting vinyl is something that attracts people for sure. I have read a few reviews that seem to be ok with the versions we recorded and how they came out, I personally like them and look forward to doing more in the future…

How did you decide to record an acoustic EP in the first place? Is this some new idea or you had a plan to do it a long time ago?

Scott: The idea was tossed around over 20 years ago, we write a lot of songs initially on acoustic before bringing it to everyone to show. There was no real plan it just happened early on during our lockdown when we had a lot of extra time to play around with things.

The first thing I noticed about Different Strings is that you strictly picked up the songs from your debut album. How come you avoided other tunes from your catalog?

Scott: We choose the songs from Esteem Driven Engine first with the plan to record a few songs from each release. I guess that means we better start on the second record now, we have some songs in mind so it should be a little smoother this time around since we have already been through the process.


Could we expect some more acoustic sessions soon with tunes from other recordings, or do you plan to record an acoustic album with brand new compositions? 

Scott: Like mentioned, hopefully we come through and complete the original idea of a few songs off each record.  As far as any new songs being recorded acoustically I would never say never but the plan is for a new full length of new songs played loud with distortion..

Nearly five years have passed since you released No Change In Weather. Knowing that this is your latest full-length, can we expect some new material in the future? Are you guys working on some new tunes? 

Scott: We do have a pretty good batch of new songs and do plan to record at some point before the end of the year..

We’re all witnessing the problems the music industry is facing because of the quarantine caused by Covid-19. How are you guys managing your time during the pandemic, and do you miss playing shows? How the pandemic affected your work and band activities?

Scott: We have all been affected both personally and with the band over the last year. A couple of guys were out of work for a little while early on & that turned into a positive as we were able to finish up writing most of the songs for a new record. Along with the rest of the music world we lost a lot of shows that were postponed and stuck with a lot of plane flights that were cancelled, dealing with all that sucked…

Over the years, I stumble upon so many Pulley fans, and most of them were arguing about their favorite Pulley album. Some of them were into Esteem Driven Engine, while others picked @#!* and Together Again For The First Time. What are your favorite ones, and why? 

Scott: Listening to the first record is always fun because it takes me back in time to the beginning when there was a different kind of excitement doing something new. I honestly do not really have one record over the other that I would consider a favorite, they were all at different periods so there is something special about all of them to me, each one has a different production to it, artwork, songs etc… so there kinda different in ways that make them each interesting and favorites of that time period..

What are the songs you feel most comfortable performing live? I know there are plenty of great ones that are favorite among the crowd, but what are your favorite tunes when it comes to performances?

Scott: Live there are songs we can play better than others for sure,  depending on how my voice feels at the time I guess would determine which songs I like to play, some nights are just tough so I hate them all. I always like playing cashed in and second best, they seem to be staples in our set and we have played them so many times that I don’t have to think about anything on those songs other than to just sing and bounce around having fun…


What are your plans for the future? Are there any plans for some live shows, tours, or anything else you would like to reveal to your fans?

Scott: We have recently starting booking live shows towards the end of the year and re-booked a lot of the stuff that was cancelled for summer 2022. It’s all happening pretty quick right now with all the bands trying to get back out there, should be interesting to see how live music is going forward, hopefully the world can slowly figure things out to keep everyone safe…

That’s it. Thank you so much for your time. Is there anything you would like to say to the fans/readers of this interview?

Scott: Thanks to everyone for the continued support over the years and wish the best of health and happiness. Hope to see you somewhere soon!

Different Strings is available on a 10″ vinyl at SBÄM.






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