Schrottgrenze Showcase Their Take On Shirley Holmes Wieder Sehen

Shirley Holmes

Schrottgrenze are masters of the political-poetic musical manifesto with just the right mix of glitter and melancholy. The ideal prerequisite to transform Holmes’ pacifist-spiritual pop anthem “Wieder sehen” into a punchy indie-rock version that not only carries you along but also shows that there are a few things that connect Schrottgrenze and Shirley Holmes: the shared enthusiasm for melodies and electric guitars, for example.


The track is the second single from Shirley Holmes’ “Die Krone der Erschöpfung” remix album, which will be released this fall and features Schrottgrenze as well as Egotronic, Annette Benjamin (Hans-A-Plast), Finna, Rod (Ärzte), Lulu (The Toten Crackhuren im Kofferraum), Jörkk&Karl (Love A), Pilocka Krach, Malonda, Safi, Die Supererbin and Bahrenfeld.

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