Captain Kaiser – The Drovers Inn LP (Bearded Punk Records / White Russian Records)

Captain Kaiser - The Drovers Inn LP - Bearded Punk Records / White Russian Records

Some record labels became quite prolific by putting out releases almost regularly, without losing the consistency and quality. Exceptional melodic punk rock, skate punk, pop-punk records are popping out on the weekly basis, and sometimes I am barely keeping track of all of them. Of course, this is more than a positive thing, considering the situation with pandemic and its effect on the music industry. Bearded Punk Records is one of those prolific record labels that continiously evolves into something greater with time, and the evidence is right there on their website. Their roster talks instead of themselves. The Drovers Inn by Captain Kaiser is one of their latest releases, released in collaboration with White Russian Records. Captain Kaiser is a Belgian melodic punk rock band that roams the underground scene since 2016. Since their inception, the group released a couple of recordings, such as Greatest Hits Vol. 1 EP and a debut full-length named Dog Days On Deck, also released by Bearded Punk Records.

Therefore, The Drovers Inn represents their second release that showcases a tremendous evolvement in their music. The group heavily promoted this material with series of singles such as Moscow Mule, Hotel Room, Rocket Science, and Post Gig Depression. These singles ended up on an album, which unquestionably sounds like a charm from scratch to finish. Captain Kaiser unquestionably nurtures the contemporary punk rock sound, but you may also stumble upon some other complementary subgenres of punk rock along the way. Besides modern punk rock, you may notice a strong presence of pop-punk and skate punk music. The group infuses generous dosages of relentless aggression into cleverly arranged melodies without losing the primary direction or essence of the sound. Perhaps their tunes are resembling the sound of some renowned punk rock groups like Pulley, Iron Chic, RVIVR, Red City Radio, but these are just comparisons to provide you with some suggestions about their music. Captain Kaiser is unquestionably playing the music they feel most comfortable with and their blend is quite sophisticated, fresh, and unique.

The guitars are dueling through robust chord progressions on one and sophisticated melodies on the other side. Besides the chord progressions and melodic leads, you’ll notice other sonic delicacies, delivered by both guitar players. These melodies and harmonies are unveiling a decent amount of melancholy, but Captain Kaiser doesn’t rely upon melancholic aesthetics at all. Their tunes are leaning towards detailed, energetic, polyphonic articulations, which are undoubtfully characteristic of melodic punk rock music. The rhythm section fully supports these maneuvers through thoroughly planned basslines and profoundly dynamic drumming performance. The semi-distorted lead vocals are adding another dosage of aggression over the top but also settle things down when necessary through more melodic chants. Captain Kaiser shines brightly throughout the entire album, and you’ll solely relish The Drovers Inn from scratch to finish.

You should consider purchasing this album if you’re into melodic punk rock, pop-punk, or skate punk sound. The Drovers Inn comes on pink vinyl and compact disc, but the entire album is also available at the streaming services. Head over to Bearded Punk Records and grab this gem on vinyl, but also check out the rest of their tremendous catalog.

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