Debunker - Revisitor EP

Debunker – Revisitor EP

Debunker - Revisitor EP

Debunker is a profoundly melodic punk rock trio emanating from McAllen, Texas. The group is active for a while, and so far, they released a debut self-titled EP in 2018, with five incredibly pleasing compositions. Their sense of combining detailed harmonizations with energetic rhythmical acrobatics is just one of the many abilities of this band, but it’s certainly a most notable one. Fast forward to 2020, a Debunker is more than ready to release another dosage of energetic punk rock music through Revisitor EP, which includes another five compelling numbers. Judging by the quality of this material, this group has a bright future ahead of them.

Revisitor digs deep down to the essentials of melodic punk rock by incorporating all the vital elements of pop-punk, skate punk, and smaller chunks of melodic hardcore music. A Debunker nails down these aesthetics with such efficiency and purpose to illustrate a specific, nearly melancholic atmosphere. Still, the group is soaking this particular state of emotional strain into graciously performed tunes, charged with loads of major chords and scales. Besides all these movements, Revisitor embraces a distinguished anthemic character that is especially hearable at the mindblowing choruses. Therefore, Debunker constantly switches between mellow-sounding segments and massive polyphonic moments without changing the structures of these songs.

Guitars are offering an in-depth exploration into fundamentals of melodic punk rock through loads of arpeggiated sequences, ear-appealing harmonizations, polyphonous movements, delicate accentuations, and other thoughtfully arranged orchestrations. The guitars are maintaining a harmonious presence alongside with colossal sounds of the bass guitar. These basslines are entirely supporting all the melodies provided by the guitars through a series of precisely delivered low-end tones. Exceptional drumming performance offers a full specter of exquisite rhythmical acrobatics, fully supported by the constant splashing over the cymbals. These rhythmical acrobatics are followed by various accentuations and energetic drum fills throughout the entire recording. Lead vocals are layering these orchestrations with semi-distorted shoutouts and classic melodic chants. Still, the rest of the band supports these vocal maneuvers with captivating singalongs when needed.

Revisitor serves as a proper continuation of preceding recording, mainly because of similarities and orchestrations offered at this particular material. This is a perfectly executed melodic punk rock record that unquestionably deserves your full attention while listening because the Debunker’s enormous quality is equally present throughout the entire EP. Revisitor is currently available at all streaming services, but I sincerely hope this material will receive a well-deserved physical treatment.




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