Territories / The Vicious Cycles – Split 7” (Pirates Press Records)

The Vicious Cycles / Territories - Split 7'' - Pirates Press Records

Today we’re covering a split 7” between Territories and The Vicious Cycles. Each group contributes one composition per side to this exceptional split release, with The Vicious Cycles contributing Problem Officer, while Territories contribute Prarie Twister. Both bands are famous for being highly prolific and maintaining nothing but the top quality on their previous recordings. That is entirely the case with this piece of plastic, which offers loads of entertainment in less than five minutes. You can expect highly energetic rock’n’roll charged compositions soaked in ear-appealing punk rock melodies and addictive rhythmical acrobatics.

Territories are opening up this remarkable record with Prairie Twister, a classic rock’n’roll number empowered by the generous chunks of melodic punk rock and energetic street punk sound. The song grasps all the vital elements of the beforementioned genres, mainly showcased through marvelous guitar works. The characteristic guitar shreds are delivering recognizable rock’n’roll scaled riffages enhanced by the uplifting choruses, entirely performed in a classic British punk rock manner. Engaging melodies surrendered by the lead guitar are giving more depth to this addictive number. The rhythm section guides these guitar dualities throughout the entire song but also gives stability and compactness to the overall listening experience.

Problem Officer by The Vicious Cycles reveals a much more energetic approach to similar maneuvers like Territories, but it leans towards a cheering punk rock sound. This composition especially leaves this particular impression because of the delightful singalongs skillfully implemented on the compelling choruses. Just like their partners on this split record, The Vicious Cycles are guiding the listeners through the wondrous polyphonous experience, decorated by the beautiful melodies, mindblowing basslines, and various rhythmical maneuvers. Problem Officer operates in a familiar manner known as The Class meets Ramones, which is especially hearable somewhere in between the chorus and guitar solo when the entire band spells words through powerful chants. Nevertheless, it’s a marvelous song undoubtfully worthy of your time.

Despite the numbers talking about the entirely different topics, both groups are sharing admiration towards for motorbikes and motorcycling in general. That’s vividly hearable during the entire split record, and you’ll notice that both songs share the same theme and phrases in the lyrics. Both Territories and The Vicious Cycles offered great numbers for this occasion. You’ll fall in love with this split 7” in a matter of seconds when you split both sides. The record comes on white vinyl limited to 500 copies. Please visit the Pirates Press Records web store for more information about ordering.

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