Chaser – Look Alive 7” (Various Labels)

Chaser - Look Alive 7''

Look Alive is the latest effort by Chaser, a renowned skate punk group originating from Orange County, CA. It’s been a while since they released their previous full-length Sound The Sirens, which has been recorded back in 2018. Therefore, admirers of their energetic approach to melodic punk rock awaited this material with anticipation. This group characterizes the inexhaustible passion for the nineties skate punk music, so Chaser has always been into pacey rhythmical acrobatics, straightforward melodic structures, anthemic choruses, and passionate lyrics. Just like on their previous recordings, Chaser are more than ready to deliver another dosage of sincerely performed skate punk music.

This 7” carries one song per side, Look Alive on A-side and Found Myself Again on the B-side. Look Alive commences with a classic chord progression, so characteristic for the nineties melodic skate punk music. The main riffage serves as the overture that leads into vigorous polyphonous structures. The number continuously levitates somewhere in between melodic hardcore and skate punk sound, the comfort zone where Chaser undoubtfully dominates. Backing vocals are supporting lead vocals throughout the entire composition, but they’re probably mostly hearable at the profoundly dominant verses and pre-chorus segments. The basslines on this one are completely insane, and generous servings of thoughtfully composed bass scales are undoubtfully lifting the ambiance on the entirely new level.

Found Myself Again emanates in much more moderate tempo than a previous number, but the drumming performance includes a comprehensive collection of various acrobatics, arranged according to appealing guitar shreds. The group liberates a hymnic vibe during the entire composition, and it seems that Found Myself Again is even more detailed than Look Alive. Guitars are bursting with classic bare chord interpolations and fast palm-muted guitar riffages. However, the melodies are still lurking around through powerful vocal dualities and singalongs. This number includes extraordinary arrangements that are resembling old school melodic punk rock, which was probably the intention of the group.

Look Alive represents another brilliant release by longstanding practitioners of melodic punk rock music. Like their previous records, this one shines bright with remarkable musicianship and top-notch production. The numbers are precisely structured and thoughtfully arranged, so you’ll solely enjoy these tunes. Look Alive comes in various color variants, and you may find it at Thousand Islands Records, Sound Speed Records, SBAM Records, and Pee Records. According to some rumors, Look Alive is sold out, but check out these labels, maybe you’ll find some available copies.

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