Bombardement – 7″ EP (Various Labels)

Bombardement - EP

The Bombardement is a highly energetic female-fronted d-beat quintet hailing from Bordeaux, France. It’s been a while since we covered their debut full-length record on our pages, but the band is back with another mindblowing recording. To serve as a reminder, Bombardement also has a decent demo recording, published after their formation in 2016. Considering their engagement in recording fierce d-beat music, it seems that the band members tend to retain prolific as much as possible without losing any quality. This time, Bombardement offers four brand new compositions that give all the props to their previous debut vinyl record.

The extended play commences with Blood, Cash, Self-Destruction, straightforward d-beat number that resembles the sound of the greats among this specific genre. The guitars provide an intense approach through switchable guitar maneuvers, supported by slightly distorted basslines. The fierce female leading vocals marvelously layer these orchestrations with delicate shoutouts. Each instrumentation remains relentlessly aggressive, mainly because of the rapid drumming acrobatics. This composition surrenders the recognizable sound of the Bombardment, which, by any means, demonstrates the ultimate power of d-beat. Summoning Flames comes up next with the energetic drum fills and blasting solos. The group follows the same aesthetics and keep things at the same pace, but it seems this particular number liberates more dynamics than the previous one. Whatever is the case, Bombardement keeps things interesting by stacking layers of distortion, which are followed by crispy sounding cymbals. The maniacal splashing cymbal sounds emit the cacophonic ambiance that pairs to the compact sound of the entire band. However, both elements are perfectly blended all together.

Then My Own Satan kicks in with more moderate, heavy metal influenced sound. Perhaps this tune leans towards Massacre Divine or Shooting Up The World styled d-beat sound, based upon crossover thrash riffages, and heavy metal shouts, but still, it’s a pretty damn good composition that fits the aesthetics. Besides some standard Discharge-oriented accentuations, Bombardement brings up some Sacrilege vibe to the table. Whatever is the case, the group shreds up the hellish ambiance with much calmer, but still, crushing song. Abyssal Grave closes up this magnificent recording by bringing back the colossal dynamics so characteristic for this genre. This composition appears as a repetitious slap in the face, mainly because of the rhythmical lunacies that chop the guitar works in half. The second guitar saturates the overall sound with a chaotic microphony that comes after the intense solo. The initial riffages are remaining intact during these experimentations, and everything seems to fit perfectly in the mix.

The entire recording sounds completely mindblowing from start to finish, and Bombardement once again proved they’re one of the best protagonists of the contemporary d-beat scene. This material will suit the admirers of Discharge, Disclose, Sacrilege, Bastard Sons Of Bukovski, Deathreat, Dean Dirg, and other similar groups who kept their sound uncompromising, honest, and raw. The material is available on a 7” vinyl thanks to labels such as Destructure, Kick Rock, and Symphony Of Destruction. Please check out some of these labels for more detailed info about ordering.

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