Zyfilis – Alla Ska Ha LP (Adult Crash Records)


Everything is uncertain except for the future of the Swedish hardcore punk scene. Amazing new bands are popping out of nowhere and create havoc, leaving nothing behind. Zyfilis is one of these groups that I recently stumble on during my search for some fresh music. The group has been active for a while, but they’ve already released a couple of promising recordings. Besides the initial demo recording released sometime during 2017, Zyfilis also issued a split release with Muro in 2018, and debut 7” record in 2019. The band has appeared on Insane Compilation in the same year. Alle Ska Ha is their debut full-length recording published about a month ago. Zyfilis deliver abrasive käng sound, or to be more precise, Swedish hardcore punk enhanced by some d-beat dynamics. The group nurtures unpolished production and subtly chaotic aesthetics, but the complete recording sounds compact by all means. Guitars are firing classic four-chord harmonizations characteristic for the genre, so perhaps this material will appear a bit repetitious to some consumers who’re not profoundly into d-beat aesthetics. Otherwise, the entire record will be pure gold for the older practitioners of this specific genre. The riffages may sound similar to those previously performed by Discharge, Anti-Cimex, Totalitär, Bastard Sons Of Apocalypse, Herätys, and Infernöh, but Zyfilis leaves enough room for some unique shreds. Subtly distorted basslines support these shreddings with notable low-end tones, while the excellent drumming performance fulfills the ambiance with some crispy sounding cymbal splashing. Nothing would sound so powerful without impressive female shouting vocals. The vocals are highlighting the riffages with high-pitched screams, so each composition retains even more rage. Zyfilis has created a pure classic within this specific genre that unquestionably may appear repetitious to some listeners, but on the other hand, sound impressive to die-hard fans of råpunk. Alle Ska Ha comes with the minimal cover artwork comprised of red splatter letters imprinted on a black background. Nothing too fancy, but it looks incredible. The album is available thanks to Adult Crash Records, so grab your copy directly from their webshop.

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