No Time To Waste – 2020 CD (People Of Punk Rock Records)


No Time To Waste is a Portuguese melodic punk rock quintet coming from Albufeira. The band is kept as a hidden gem somewhere in the depths of the underground, but thanks to People Of Punk Rock Records, I’ve discovered their music over social media. By taking a simple look at the meaningful imagery showcased through wondrously done cover artwork, the band promises loads of entertainful moments. The artwork includes a female character holding a teddy bear while roaming around post-apocalyptic surroundings. These surroundings include barrels of chemical waste, loaded trash cans, abandoned vehicles, assorted skulls on the ground, and torn apart buildings at the very background. The artwork showcases the remnants of the wiped out civilization, which pretty much sums up the possible worst-case scenario we’re undoubtfully heading into with mindblowing velocity. This piece of art would be a tremendous addition to a crossover thrash album, but luckily, this isn’t the case. No Time To Waste is profoundly into contemporary melodic punk rock enhanced by ear-appealing catchiness borrowed from the prominent nineties skate punk bands. The group heavily resembles the sound of renowned bands such as Pennywise, 98 Mute, Pulley, Model American, Ten Foot Pole, Adhesive, Deviates, 1208, and Millencolin. No Time To Waste solely relies on perfectly executed dualities comprised of intense melodic harmonizations on one, and precise shredding technicalities on the other side. These dualities provide detailed orchestrations that levitate between classic skate punk and melodic hardcore aesthetics. These energetic guitar shreddings have been supported by characteristic chunky basslines that reminiscent mentioned era when this specific genre ruled all over the world. Nothing would sound so compact and organized without killer drumming performance that unquestionably carriers the vast majority of the dynamic atmosphere. The vocals irresistibly resemble vocal technicalities mainly showcased by Scott Radinsky, longtime frontman of legendary Californian heavyweights Pulley. No Time To Waste demonstrates the ultimate power through seventeen thoughtfully arranged compositions that truly bring back memories of some better days for melodic punk rock. This particular album will suit admirers of older Epitaph Records, Fat Wreck Chords, Nitro Records Records, highlighted by some modern technicalities. 2020 is an album for all seasons and generations, no matter if you’re a newbie to the genre or a skillful scenester. This comprehensive collection has been published on compact disc by People Of Punk Rock Records, so head over to their Bandcamp page and order this marvelous release.

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