Lot Lizard – Lot Lizard CD (Different Folk Records / Total Drag Records)


It’s been a while since we included some post-punk music on our pages, so now is an appropriate time to write a couple of words about Lot Lizard. This Sioux Falls post-punk band has a brand new full-length album, published in December last year through a couple of independent labels. This exceptional group of very creative musicians operates together since August 2017, and so far they’ve recorded Demos, which has been widely distributed through their Bandcamp page. These demo recordings are such a nice introduction into their diverse combination of post-punk, shoegaze, punk rock, and other genres picked up along the way. If you’re looking up for a closer examination of their music, just imagine the ambiance of Joy Division being improved by the melodies of The Cure and Bauhaus aesthetics. Lot Lizard entirely relies upon the eighties post-punk/goth rock sound, but the band approximates to these specific subgenres of punk rock with a lot of shoegaze, dark surf and garage rock moments. Lot Lizard thought about each aspect of their record. From such a specific production essential for the records that have been produced during the eighties to notable musicianship that vividly reminiscents music of the greats who become widely famous for being pioneers of aforementioned music genres, the band retains listeners attention throughout the entire recording without being repetitive. It seems that elements of shoegaze music are converting to a more dominant form as the album passes by, so you’ll definitely notice how these spectacular details perfectly fit the eerie ambiance of intentional sonic dissonance. Besides the wondrous explorations into the vast landscapes of post-punk, the group keeps minimalistic aesthetics mainly showcased through concise track titles such as Judas, Karen, City, Shallow, Evelyn, Ice, Skies, Wired, CJ and Hold. The actual compositions are offering thoughtfully scribbled poetry, concealed underneath simplistic but effective names. These wondrous numbers have been delivered by such unique atonal vocals that are sounding so defiant towards the music but solely accommodate the dark ambiance. The album has been released in collaboration among Different Folk Records and Total Drag Records. You can decide between a regular vinyl record, compact disc, but you can give it a spin at Lot Lizard Bandcamp page as well.

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