Fast Lane – Life On A Slackline Strap


Today we’re covering another great skatepunk album that has been published a couple of days ago. Fast Lane is hailing from Bordeaux, France, and as far as I am informed, Life On A Slackline Stap is their debut full-length recording. The band performs as a trio and judging by the quality of their compositions, they do not need any other additions to fill the gaps in the band. Life On A Slackline Strap has been packed with twelve perfectly executed compositions that vividly encapsulates all the elements of contemporary melodic punk rock music. Right of the bat, Fast Lane fires gracious portions of dynamics through ultra-melodic riffages and vigorous rhythms. One thing is for sure, these guys are not joking at all. Their music is the finest blend of both energetic old school skate punk music and modern shredding technicalities mostly notable among newer punk rock bands. This sonic collision results in a wide array of magnificent harmonizations that have been pervaded with undoubtfully beautiful basslines which certainly support these powerful guitar shreddings. Nothing would sound so compact without ferociously dynamic drumming, which has been uplifted onto a whole new level with enormously precise rhythms. Without any doubt, Fast Lane is aiming for the gold with Life On A Slackline Strap, so each composition carries a dozen of notable moments that uphold the listener’s attention throughout the entire album. The band also incorporates elements of hardcore punk, layered underneath predominant skatepunk melodies, so the band retains exactness and firmness without losing it up. Still, you may encounter some explorations into pop-punk melodics, but Fast Lane has thoughtfully arranged all the tunes, so these bits of pieces of catchy melodies will not spoil all the fun. Life On A Slackline Strap has been enhanced by beautiful imagery that portrays the entire band walking on a slackline strap. It goes nicely with sonic weaponry presented by these skillful French musicians, so please take some time and check their amazing album at Fast Lane’s Bandcamp page.

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