Friend Of My Youth – Telling LP (Salinas Records / Secret Pennies Records / Phat’n’Phunky Records)


It’s been a while since I’ve incorporated Friend Of My Youth on my playlist, and their soothing music unquestionably grew onto me, due to the almost deranged repetitious consuming in the following period. Telling is their debut full-length album that has been published on vinyl by Salinas Records and Secret Pennies Records, but the album is also available on tape at the Phat’n’Phunky Records. The band has also published an excellent self-titled EP on cassette, which is streamable at their Bandcamp page. Telling is by far one of the greatest emo records I’ve listened to, mainly because of their straightforward approach to the genre that cannot be observed on the contemporary emo or indie scene. The lyrics have been written from a personal perspective, and the main portion of the writings are dealing with various anxieties, emotions, nostalgia, relationships, love, situations, and circumstances. The omnipresent trustworthiness showcased in lyrics is one of the most significant driving engines of this charismatic trio, but the band has so much more to contribute through exceptional musicianship. Besides compelling guitar progressions, wondrously delivered basslines and vibrant drumming sequences, Telling has been enhanced by remarkable vocals, that are providing a more comprehensive perspective inside their sumptuous compositions. Friend Of My Youth has unquestionably put a lot of effort into these numbers, and the outcome is hearable throughout the entire album. The band nourishes a distinct amalgam of emo, indie rock, and punk rock music, so this compound sounds so comforting as you’re taking the more extensive examination into the vast world of emotionally driven music. With numbers such as Ancestral, Thrall, Graduation Card, Dark Charizard, Cobalt, and Half Home, you’ll come back to this astounding recording more than you’ll ever imagine, mainly because of the relentless creativity, wondrous musicianship and poetic abilities of this astonishing trio. Without further ado, you should pay a visit to their Bandcamp page and order a copy for yourself or your loved ones.

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