Jodie Faster – Blame Yourself LP (Various Labels)


Blame Yourself is a highly anticipated debut full-length by Jodie Faster, a hardcore punk band located in Lille, France. The band is shredding ferociously fast-paced hardcore punk since 2016, and so far has published Complete Discography EP in 2017, and a split recording with Genital Jiggling in 2018. To be fairly precise, Jodie Faster is going deeply underground by examining the foundations of abrasive four-chord progressions and ridiculously dynamic rhythms. These experimentations are resulting in concise, raw, vigorous fast-core compositions that are enduring under two minutes each. One of the most notable features about Jodie Faster is their slightly distorted guitar tone, which represents such rarity in a vast sea of overly produced contemporary hardcore punk albums. In the meantime, clean sounding basslines are providing all the necessary support, so both instruments sound thoughtfully combined altogether. Still, both instruments sound ferocious throughout the entire recording, and perhaps this sonic formula preserves the intensity of the entire band. The remarkable dynamics have been obtained by magnificent drumming that retains highly energetic from start to finish. The vocals are wondrously decorating these recordings with roaring screams that are providing hysterical vibe to all the proffered compositions on the album. These lead vocal finesses have been enhanced by stalwart chanting fragments that are cleverly sorted at all the suitable sections. Jodie Faster undoubtfully accomplished a lot with their debut full-length album, and with great assurance, I can easily state that Blame Yourself indicates more than a good year for the underground hardcore punk scene. The album has been accompanied by glorious artwork that showcases a confrontation between an environmental activist and a multicorporate industry. The activist has been represented in a first-person mode by holding a molotov cocktail and a brick in his hands, while the multi corporations have been presented by a grimy industrial landscape and a man in a black suit. The artwork is so significant, and it beckons consumers to take a stand against the corporations, who clearly exploit natural resources and third world countries in general. The pre-order pack comprised of a beautiful shirt and vinyl has been sold out, but still, you can order a vinyl itself by contacting the band or recording labels that have been involved in the publishing process. The album has been published in cooperation between labels such as Don’t Trust The Hype, Crapoulet Records, Dirty Guys Rock, Emergence Records, Acouphènes! Records, Drinkin’ Beer In Bandana Records, Inhumano Records, KLVR Records, Loner Cult Records, Rouge Et Noir Records, TNS Records, so I highly advise you to grab this piece of plastic and treat your ears with some proper hardcore punk music.

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