Giver – Sculpture Of Violence (Holy Roar Records)


The Giver is a German melodic hardcore group, that has been pretty much active since its formation in 2013. So far, the band has published remarkable recordings such as Choking On Pride 12” EP that has been published by No Panic Records in 2013, Mother Midnight that has been digitally distributed through streaming services in 2015, and debut full-length record named Where The Cycle Break, that has been published by Powertrip Records in Germany and Holy Roar Records in the United Kingdom. Sculpture Of Violence is their latest offering to the wider audiences and surely their best recording to date. The Giver develops melancholic imagery with their infectiously melodic structures, unpretentious dynamics, and enormously addictive arrangements. The musicians involved in Giver are certainly highly skilled, therefore their musicianship on Sculpture Of Violence coherently goes beyond comprehension. The aforementioned melodic structures are built by magnificently performed guitar dualities, mainly based on polarization between powerful riffages on one partition, and various melodic shredding technics on the other separated channel. Nothing would sound so massive and compact without astonishing basslines, which are acting as low-end foundations of Giver’s powerful sound. These components have been supported by very precise drumming sequences that are undoubtfully completing the ferocious appearance of the entire group. Sculpture Of Violence leaves no room for errors, mainly because of thoughtfully modeled arrangements which are displaying all the emotions, power and vitality of the band. Each composition has been graciously decorated by vigorous screaming vocals that have been gradually enhanced by cleverly arranged singalongs. These singalongs have been positioned at all the appropriate locations to provide even more power to these magnificent songs. Sculpture Of Violence has been accompanied by very effective imagery, comprised of a sepia-toned photo. The overexposed photo portrays a female character, slightly blurred because of the mass-movement during photo shooting, so the cover perfectly suits to the thematics of the album. Sculpture Of Violence has been published on vinyl by Holy Roar Records, and it’s available in different color variations such as black and red variant, marbled purple variant, but the album is also available on compact disc, so please visit label’s website or Giver’s Bandcamp page and pick up your weapon of choice.

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