Dicrotic – Disposable Feelings


Dicrotic are back on the map with another great material named Disposable Feelings. After the immensely successful EP called Mind Your Business, which we included on our pages, these Spanish melody makers are delivering even more complex compositions than ever before. For some reason, Disposable Feelings has been divided into two corresponding sections, both offering five songs per portion, but the band has determined to split it into halves. The second part has been published in February, so the recently published piece behaves as the first part of an album or double EP. Discrotic are maintaining their endeavors throughout the vast space of melodic skate punk pervaded with persuasive melodic segments, notable warm sounding basslines, and impressive drumming skills. Besides incredible skate punk sequences, Dicrotic are levitating above several more genres, such as hardcore punk, pop-punk, indie, but the band also fulfills subtle doses of metal intending to highlight certain elements even more. These polyphonic maneuvers have resulted in various ultra-melodic complexities perpetuated with multiple servings of thoughtful virtuosities, occasionally consisting of cleverly implemented octaves, arpeggios, and scales. The great musicianship has been supported by a technically precise rhythm section that definitely supplies the atmosphere with dynamism. Dicrotic are undoubtfully inspired by the contemporaries such as Lagwagon, Propagandhi, Strung Out, Ten Foot Pole, Bodyjar, Satanic Surfers, plus a lot more, but Dicrotic are definitely leaving their special mark by composing brilliantly arranged compositions full of both melodics and speed. Both parts are available for digital consumption at Dicrotic’s Bandcamp page and you can download it for a couple of euros, therefore I highly recommend their music if you’re a fan of a fast-paced skate punk occasionally perpetuated with a reasonable portion of various technicalities. Despite the fact Disposable Feelings are available digitally at almost all streaming services, I truly hope this magnificent material will get a vinyl treatment in the nearest future.

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