Consume And Expire / Sexy Crocodile For Dinner And Diva Caramella – Split Tape (Attenuation Circuit)


This time we are dealing with a bit more noisy material than before and this split is right up my alley from the very beginning. Harsh at the one point, but still listenable, it’s even suitable for the listeners who are not so much into harsh noise. Consume And Expire is a duo consisting of Wil Rossi and Kylie Damnyou. Their sound can be best described as an interesting mixture of harsh noise and drone, with occasional experimentations with vocal samples, synth boxes, and microphony. White Bear is a thirty-minute recording that takes you to the tunnel full of constant changes in sound, so you will easily find this track interesting than boring to your ears. It’s like a trip to another dimension and the only thing you have to do is to let the sounds take care of your flight. Sexy Crocodile For Dinner is an interesting project hailing from Italy and it’s totally different from the first part of this split release, presented with two parts of Silenzio Imbarazzante. This is a very good mix of sampled vocals, sounds and beats covered with huge amounts of distortion, fuzz and it creates such a pleasant mess that I had to check out the tracks a couple of times just to be sure that I haven’t missed something. There’s a lot of manipulations with contact microphones and delays which are overlaying the aggressive sound of the rest of the equipment, but it sounds interesting at some point. I am so glad that I had a chance to hear such a good harsh noise project. This release comes on red tape in the white shell, so act fast and grab your copy while it’s still available.

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