Question Mark – Inner Call CD (Gasterecords / No Compromise Records)


Every here and there I am being blown away by the energy of some newer bands that possess so many qualities I can’t even think of some proper words to fully describe it. Plus, a lot of those bands have the aim to recreate, reshape and bring back good music back to life, but with a lot more ideas involved than ever before. Question Mark is one of those bands who are displaying a lot of that energy through their music which goes far beyond classic punk rock cliche and their debut full-length album called Inner Call is such a perfect example of my statement. Inner Call is a demonstration of power, energy, creativity, and excellent musicianship. The band is showing what they’re made of through fifteen energetic skate punk songs which reminded me of older works by bands such as Good Riddance, Strung Out, Avail, No Fun At All, Lagwagon, Vision, 98 Mute, Pennywise…etc, so the band base their sound around music published by the labels such as Epitaph Records or Fat Wreck Chords. The band mostly rely on their abilities to perform various technicalities played by both guitars, supported by the very interesting bass lines and great dynamic drumming which has more to offer than most of the regular punk rock albums I’ve listened so far. Vocals are somewhere between a classic skate punk singing and hardcore punk yelling, it depends on the arrangements of the songs and the vocalist feels the energy of the rest of the band. The production reminds me of the late 90s punk rock recordings I’ve encountered during the years. The band thought about the overall ambiance of the recording and it emphasizes all the compositions, so the production gives even more energy to the tunes. If you still doubt the quality of Question Mark, then perhaps it’s important to mention that they’ve shared the stage with names such as Mute, Disordine, We Come In Pieces or Deep Shining High, just to give you the hint what you can expect of this brilliant band. Inner Call has been published by Gasterecords and No Compromise Recordings on compact disc and it’s available directly from a band, so grab one for yourself or your loved ones.

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