Sleep Chrysalis – Sleep Chrysalis (Centipede Farm Records)


This tape is example of how creative people can be. It’s not a typical noise release which you stumble upon each time you’re purchasing tape or vinyl in the record store. This is truly the full specter of what ambient music can be and can do to your mind when it’s smartly arranged, recorded and packed into the final product. The sound is very unique. Haven’t heard something like this for a long time or I didn’t pay any attention to the similar projects/bands, but one thing is for sure,  Sleep Chrysalis needs much more exposure on the international experimental scene. It seems like all of their compositions are recorded to give you a feeling of peacefulness, safeness, and security. It’s a piece of music perfectly composed for relaxation and I can just imagine the crowd on their show standing in the zen mode and enjoying the melodies. If you have some free time, make sure to check them out. If not live, then get them on tape and I am positively sure you will not be disappointed because they are for sure one of the best ambient projects Memphis, Tennessee can currently offer for your listening pleasure.

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