K2 / Allan Zane – Split LP (Attenuation Circuit)


Brutal, uncompromising and simply beautiful. Those words best describe a split release between longstanding Japanoise artist Kimihide Kusafuka (K2) & Allan Zane, a multimedia artist based in the United States. Expect anything except silence, because of this blasting vinyl record contents all the harshness of both artists. K2 have the privilege to be on an A-side with a track called ”Mirror Of The Colored Sin”. To be honest, this is not a typical K2 tune. There’s more to it. It’s consisted of lots of layers of synth box explorations, repetitive sounds and almost edgy scratches and gaps without delay effect to overlay previous sounds. It’s always interesting to hear new ideas of Kimihide Kusafuka because he has plenty of them and simply know how to use them wisely. Allan Zane is on the B side of this piece of fine plastic and his ”Zerstörte Musik” sounds slightly different in a such a good way, because it gives a variety of sound on the whole split record. It reminds me of some ambient noise wall mixed with layers of white and brown noise, but with also extra layers of small noisy movements in the background. Sounds are evolving as the time is passing by, so the whole track sounds like an evolutive process. To be honest, this record worth every penny by all means, because it captures the best of both artists. Not to mention the beautiful cover artwork and awesome packaging which is done by Sascha from very productive Attenuation Circuit records. Grab your copy and enjoy.