Industrial Coast x The Old Police House – Anarchy Tape (Industrial Coast)


Industrial Coast is a label from the UK and they are carrying a wide variety of experimental genres and subgenres such as experimental noise, harsh noise, ambient, drone, musique concrete and other avant-garde explorations with sounds and noises. What’s more important Industrial Coast is not like other noise labels. Their principles are based around anarcho-punk ethics and they’re highly recognized as the part of Anti-Fascist Union Of Artists, a group of the worldwide network of artists who share identical ideas surrounded by antifascist principles. The Old Police House (AKA TOPH) is a mixed-use space and a home for various art experiments based in Gateshead, UK. Together, Industrial Coast and The Old Police House came on the idea to gather an international network of artists to cover up the well-known tunes of legendary anarcho-punk, d-beat, Oi!, crust punk bands and to basically give their own signature to the already brilliant songs. Swarm Front, a group of TOPH artists and DJs such as Denton Adam, Mariam Rezaei, Wrest Oktwella, and Mark Wardlaw covered the tunes like Murder Of Liddle Towers by the Oi! veterans Angelic Upstarts, Mother Earth by legendary anarcho-punks Crass and a whole Why EP of the d-beat legends the Discharge. Industrial Coast have served a portion of various artists who gave their best to express these tunes in their own way, so the line up consist of Sara Ohm and her interpretation of Shaved Women by Crass, Body Beat Ritual who covered You Cannot Win by the Conflict, Wild Daughter who performed Ideologically Unsound by brilliant Poison Girls, Women Of The Pore with their version of Tube Disaster by one of my faves Flux Of The Pink Indians, Radish Brothers who gave their treatment to Bullshit Propaganda by legendary UK crusties Extreme Noise Terror, and last but not least, my project Raven and my version of Hiroshima by the D.I.R.T. Excluding my track, all the participants gave their best to give a brand new shape to these amazing tunes, each track have some sorts of improvements and it’s really good to hear all of these songs with lots of brand new ideas involved. Steve from Industrial Coast gave his best to publish this material in a black envelope with all the postcards which include all the vital pieces of information about the tracks, artists, and contacts. The cassette was already sold at the preorder, but it deserves a proper review because of all the efforts TOPH and Industrial Coast have put in this projects, so hopefully, this material will be available to a wider audience at bandcamp or other streaming services.