Shot Balowski – S/T CD (Abnormal Product)


Debbie, Simon, and Tef are Shot Balowski, politically charged punk rock band from the UK. Their self-titled debut album is released through Abnormal Product sometime in March of 2019 and it contains twelve classic punk rock tunes about current populism of far-right organizations, multinational corporations, corruption, government, but also about some public figures who stood for the rights of the oppressed, such as Muhammad Ali or Emily Wilding Davison. It’s always good to hear newer bands who are educating listeners about right and wrong in this world because who knows, someone will pay attention while reading lyrics and learn something about it. The album also includes tunes about Trump’s sexist, racist presidency, about patriotism and the politicization of remembrance, a short song about vacuous vlogger Logan Paul, and a brilliant punk rock cover of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song. Music-wise, Shot Balowski are offering something for each and everyone, but the music can be best described as The Clash meets Dead Kennedys meets Ramones, but with better production. However, the band is leaving some space for some other influences to additionally flavor their tunes. This mixture of various influences suits them well and this type of punk rock goes well combined with all the themes Shot Balowski are covering in their music. The album is followed with a pretty neat illustration of the current US president accompanied with a pair of giant hateful eyes constantly looking over his shoulders. The character is attached to the strings, symbolizing just another puppet in hands of multinational corporations. This self-titled album has been published by Abnormal Product as digipack CD and it has additional inlay with photos, lyrics and informations included. You can buy this cool CD directly from a band or stream it on all the streaming services.