Stanis – Tales From A Modern Society LP (Punk & Disorderly Records)


Stanis is powerful melodic punk rock trio from Bologna, Italy who are pretty much following the tradition of a classic 90s skate punk music. Their tracks are melodic, short and fast like all the skatepunk tunes should be. The band was formed back in 2016. and so far they’ve published Stanis EP in 2017. and Together & Play EP in 2018, so Tales From A Modern Society is their debut full-length LP with eleven greatly composed tunes which instantly reminded me of bands such as Satanic Surfers, Propagandhi, Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere and the rest of the greats who are mixing up various guitar technicalities with ripping rhythm section. Stanis are paying a lot of attention on the arrangements, so their songs are comprised of hardcore punk elements and covered up with characteristic skatepunk guitar melodies. Vocals are melodic, but the vocalist keeps a lot of anger somewhere in between, perhaps the vocals are similar to the style of the Rodrigo Alfaro of Satanic Surfers. All in all, it’s suits well to the music and as I said before, Stanis are paying a lot of attention on anything considering their music, everything is balanced and well combined. The cover artwork is comprised of a retro robot with a big black star on his chest with a sunburst effect at the background. The band logo stands above the robot and it’s done in an eastern Europe style. Tales From A Modern Society has been published by Punk & Disorderly Records from Quebec, Canada and it’s available on red grungy vinyl and digipack CD in limited quantities, so go ahead and purchase one for yourself or surprise your friends who are into some fast melodic punk rock.