CF98 – Rotten To The Core EP


CF98 are pretty much active for over fourteen years and their music is constantly evolving into much more progressive voyage throughout beautiful world of melodic punk rock. Hailing from Kraków, this band rise from the polish streets and with a lot of endavour gained a worldwide fame by verry small help of worldwide web. Non of this fame come without an effort they’ve put out into their band, from graphic solutions for their releases to a more than amazing lyrics, from every riff they made to an arrangements for their compositions, CF98 walked the path a lot of the bands would avoid and shaped them as a one of the leading skatepunk bands in this part of the world. Rotten To The Core EP is their brand new offering to the masses and it’s more than a plain skatepunk material. They thought about everything once again and let’s start with an amazing female vocals which are right choice for this band. Vocals are incredibly delivering all the ups and downs in arrangements which are quite good and they’re bringing a lot of dynamics to this EP. Guitars are constantly dueling with riffs and melodies which are more into melodic hardcore punk than classic skate punk, but the scales are making positive change to the overall experience and you’ll be surprised how the guitars are blended all together on this recording. All the lower tones are supported with pretty neat bass lines which are well incorporated with almost crazy fast drum beats. Drummer is keeping everything together on this recording, his dynamics and skills are great and he’s really putting a lot of effort into his part of a job. Musicwise, CF98 are very creative band who know how to deal with emotions, but not into modern melancholic way which is quite popular on a today’s skate punk scene, they implement more of hardcore punk into their music and this material will suit to all the fans of 90s melodic punk rock with a very positive twist presented by the impressive female vocalist. Rotten To The Core EP comes with a brilliant front cover artwork showing a skeleton holding a scythe while he’s carrying grocery band on his head. The image of a globe is placed in the background, so you’ll get the meaning of the cover art as soon as you grab this piece of skatepunk masterpiece which is available as digipak CD or digital download directly at the CF98 bandcamp page.