ActionMen / Dead Neck – Defections Split LP (Mud Cake Records)


I’ve seen an announcement for this split release a while ago and since I was familiar of the music played by both bands, I awaited to hear how this split release will sound alike. Defections LP is a split album between italian shredders Actionmen and Dead Neck from Manchester, UK. If you paid closer attention at our blog before, you possibly took some free time to read our review for their brilliant self titled 10” LP record. Both bands recorded five tracks exclusively for this split record. ActionMen are influenced by various genres and each one is expressed through their music, so you can notice strong influences of punk, post hardcore, reggae, funk, metal and even more other genres played in some sections of their music. Plus add some fast tempos and magnificent riffs and the result is presented in five perfectly executed tracks which will blow your mind with pure raw energy. Be prepared to be blown away by some wierd twisted tunes played by a skillful musicians who clearly know direction their music is heading to. Dead Neck are on the other side of this piece of plastic and they’re killing it right off with the first beats of their material. Their sense for mixing greatness of melodic punk rock with savagery of hardcore is unstoppable driving force of this band. What’s more important, Dead Neck are not escaping from the other influences neither and constant changes of the tempos truly decorate their compositions in a proper way. Guitar riffs are simultaniously tearing the walls down, while bass and drums are continously slapping directly in the face on each tune. I predict a bright future for this band and if you haven’t heard for them before, now is the right time to pay closer attention to their music. With great bands on the bill comes the great cover artwork, right? This brilliant split release is enriched with amazing illustration of character stabbing himself with sharp knives, simbolizing separating duality in ourselves. Head over to always cool Mud Cake Records and grab your copy od Defections LP and you’ll will be amazed by the creativity and brilliance of these two amazing bands.