Last To Exist – Broken Windows & Empty Playgrounds CD (Fast Decade Records)


If you’re feeling like you have a lack of good old melodic hardcore punk in your diet, than Broken Windows & Empty Playgrounds CD by Last To Exist is a right choice for you. Hailing from Turku, Finland, Last To Exist are delivering sheer energy through wide spectrum of raw guitar melodies and occasionaly faster drumbeats, but with a lot of emotions attached to more than good screaming vocals which are, in my honest opinion, the driving force of this band. What’s more important, Last To Exist unlike a lot of melodic hardcore punk bands nowadays know how to balance their music with aggressive riffs, but still they add melodic structures over the top, so you will quite enjoy in seven well executed tracks which are filled with smart arrangements in all the right places. Production and mastering are awesome and you’ll especially notice that somewhere between palm muted sections where guitars are cleverly implemented with bass lines while fast drumbeats are pounding at the background. Simply, Last To Exist puts melodic hardcore punk back on the map and by that they’re proving this subgenre of hardcore music is still relevant today on a scene which goes more and more towards metalcore each day. Broken Windows & Empty Playgrounds CD comes with abstract monochrome cover artwork depicturing broken glass with a a swing at the left side of the cover and it perfectly fits the album title. Once again, these fine piece of melodic hardcore punk music has been published by the always amazing Fast Decade Records and it’s available directly at their webshop, so go ahead and treat yourself with some amazing music today.