Blossom Hill – Under The North Star CD (Fast Decade Records)


It has been a while since I wrote a review and I said to myself what the hell, I have some free time on my plate, so I put Under The North Star CD by Blossom Hill in my CD player and I was quite surprised by their sound. I had to double check what album I am listening to, because their music instantly reminded me of some the best years of Green Day and records such as 39/Smooth, Kerplunk or Dookie, which are Green Day’s best in my humble opinion. Perhaps Blossom Hill are similiar to what Green Day used to record and play back in the day, but actually, there’s a lot of things going on and this is not one simple mid tempo punk rock album you would expect after the first listening. Unlike Green Day, Blossom Hill are much more creative with their music and beneath standard punk rock riffs, you may find much more creative solutions and arrangements for most of the songs off the album. Under The North Star CD contains wide spectrum of great melodic compositions oftenly comprised of mid tempos, well produced bass lines, common punk rock riffs enriched with great guitar solos from time to time and the vocals will instantly get you back to the Berkeley, California, right off the place where Green Day started their career thirtythree years ago. You’ll definetly find your favorites in a comprehensive collection comprised of fourteen compositions and return you in a much better times than these we are living today. Just don’t get too melancholic and pay closer attention how these guys rock hard from begining of the Under The North Star CD, till the very end of the record. Under The North Star CD has been published by the always great Fast Decade Records, who are constantly proving their ground by publishing only the best music played by skillful bands from Finland, so don’t miss the opportunity to hear a great material by the Blossom Hill, powerful trio who will properly shake your bones if you’re into some melodic punk rock mood nowadays.