Alien Boys – Night Danger (Desolate Records)


Since I am a big fan of anything involving sci-fi, this quintet instantly caught my attention with their name and I was quite surprised when I realised that Alien Boys are actually a band consisted of all female band members. That’s even better since we need more female bands on a worldwide punk rock scene. Band previously published Self-Criticizing Theory back in 2016, so Night Danger is their latest effort and it’s one hell of a material in a very positive way. Alien Boys music can be best described as melodic punk rock mixed with small doses of hardcore punk that hits right between the eyes with powerfull choruses, oftenly palm muted guitar riffs, fine bass shredding and great drumming. Vocals are incredible and they’re giving a special note of the 90s punk to the whole atmosphere while music varies and you can hear a lot of influences involved in each track off the album. Hardcore punk influences are definetly giving special feeling to perfectly executed punk rock riffs and they’re mostly hearable in singalongs during the choruses. Sadly, I do not possess lyric sheet, but as far as I can hear it. the band is dealing with a lot of socio-political issues in their songs, so Alien Boys are taking their compositions on a whole new level in the times when the awareness about everything is more than welcome. Night Danger is published by Desolate Records and it goes with a two dogs fighting on a cover artwork, so I suppose the meaning of the album is some kind of duality, but I will leave the judgement about it to the consumers of their music. All in all, incredible album with a lot of catchy punk rock tracks which will not dissapoint you in any way.