Dicrotic – Mind Your Business EP


Recently, Spain has been very productive by delivering cool melodic punk rock albums by the various bands and Mind Your Business EP by Dicrotic is not a excuse either. It seems that band is working under the radar by keeping it low profile or maybe they’re relatively new name on the Spanish punk rock scene, but their material proves this band is built up by the skillfull musicians who spent year listening albums by well known acts such as Ten Foot Pole, Undeclinable Ambuscade, Bodyjar, Rise Against, Propagandhi and many many more. However, after all the influences taken from older prolific punk rock bands, Dicrotic are putting their own signature with layer of slightly tougher distortion from time to time, but still keeping the melodic edge through octaves, scales, discreet solos and fine vocals who are constantly at the spotlight throughout whole material. Rhythm section keeps everything well balanced and it gives a proper additions to the compositions with all the bass lines and drumbeats. Material is produced and mastered till perfection, so each instrument and vocal channels are more than hearable, especially while listening through headphones. Mind Your Business EP will specially suit up to all the fans of skatepunk music played at the very beginings of the millenium and it’s available as a digital release at Dicrotic bandcamp page for couple of euros, so be so kind and support their work if you’re into some fine melodic punk rock. There’s no doubt that this material will be much more desirable on some vinyl or CD format, but who knows, maybe Dicrotic are working on something and I am looking forward to hear more great news by this fine Spanish quintet in the nearest future.