Adrenalized – Operation Exodus CD (La Agonia De Vivir Records)


Adrenalized done it once again. They’ve managed to put out perfect portion of emotions, speed and melody and publish another amazing album which will be listened for a pretty long time. Operation Exodus delivers twelve complex compositions with enough rage to tear the walls apart while the technicalities are punching you directly in the face with loads of perfect melancholic melodies which are molded to the perfection. Music can be best described as fast melodic skate punk with a lot of musical explorations into hardcore punk, thrash metal, heavy metal, pop punk and who knows what other genres, but hell, bands alike Adrenalized never dissapoint their fans and Operation Exodus is without a doubt a masterpiece which perhaps outshines Tales From The Last Generation, their previous album published back in 2013. Guitar parts are mostly comprised of fast riffs, octaves, lots of tapping technic and loads of scales; bass lines are obviously played by a guy who is constatly on steroids, because no one can catch up that crazy drummer without some proper suplements, so it’s more than clear Adrenalized consists of some skillful musicians who know how to shred their instruments like a pros. Vocals are tight as well, even the singalongs are recorded to the perfection and they sound like a charm without harming the structures of the songs. Incredible material which will definetly suit up to those who are much more into well played music than into plain melodic punk rock. Operation Exodus is available as t-shirt and digipack CD bundle or you can pick up CD without a shirt,  so do the right thing and order this masterpiece.