Amplify – Deadlines CD (Melodic Punk Style)


Spain has been great place for tons of great skate punk bands and Amplify are one of them. Their sense for balance between melodic vocals and hellish screams during the songs while the rest of a band is pounding at the background is outrageously amazing.
Music can be comparable with a lot of great well known bands, but Amplify have their unique mixure of incredible melodic skate punk with a small bits of hardcore implemented in their songs here and there. What impresses me the most is their music production. They’re not following a trends of newer bands to overcrowd their tracks with tons of various studio effects, but stick to their own formula of focusing their production much more on the great sounding compositions. Amplify are relatively new band with a demo published back in february of 2018, but their debut album sounds like they have already published tons of records before and tracks like Fascistnation, Dumbs Up, Illogical Reason, Fancy Fence or Separation who are my personal highlights of their debut album are more than a good proof of my statement, plus the rest of the tracks off the album I didn’t mentioned above which are still great tunes. Deadlines CD comes with great cover artwork which illustrates psychological manipulation of the massess and there’s a great addition in a form of a red pill cleverly hidden between the layers of jewel case. Cover inlay includes all the lyrics and necessary informations about the band, so you can entertain yourself by reading pretty cool lyrics while listening to their tunes. Deadlines CD is available throughout Melodic Punk Style and band itself, so don’t wait any minute longer and grab your copy now.