Landfill Crew – S/T EP (Pirates Press Records / Hellcat Records)

PPR220_OB2_GD17_N_001 edited

Tim Armstrong is one of the most productive artists on a punk rock scene with impressive discography spanning almost 30 years of activity through Operation Ivy, Rancid, Transplants, his successful solo career plus many guest appearances in various bands and projects. Landfill Crew is a brand new fictional animated punk rock band set in the 80s, but however, the rest of the musicians are non-fictional characters who are responsible for some of the fine music we are all listening today. Beside Tim Armstrong, Landfill Crew is comprised of Tippa Lee on vocals, Kevin Bivona (The Interrupters) on bass and background vocals, Dash Hutton (Haim, Slang Chickens, Wires On Fire) on drums and John Morrical on piano and melodica. Their songs are heavily influenced by Jamaican reggae mostly expressed by Tippa Lee’s vocals, but the music kinda reminds me of some good old punk rock songs written by some of the great bands hailing from the UK. It will perfectly fit to all punk rockers who are into music characteristic for some previous records published by both Hellcat and Pirates Press records. It’s very important to mention that videos for Landfill Crew are animated by J Bonner who also developed characters for this fictional animated band, Tim is playing character named Bagga and Tippa Lee is playing character named Hux with the rest of the fictional band who are currently unnamed. This self titled EP is available through both record labels on a standard double black 7” vinyl and packed in a gatefold sleeve with neat artwork.