Despite the fact skatepunk community is growing up more and more everyday, I can’t escape the feeling that a lot of bands are overproducing albums with lot’s of modern studio software and by that they are loosing sincerety, aggression and even some melodies sound so wierd in their music. Don’t get me wrong, I am always up for some good skatepunk music no matter how it’s produced and mastered, but sometimes I am looking for much more raw material which was popular back in the 90s when this kind of music was still underground and fresh on the punk scene. 06 AM and their brand new material called AMHARDCORE is a type of sound I was looking for. Perhaps their music is not recorded by the latest standards in a music production, but at least their music sounds like a good melodic skatepunk mixed with a small dose of hardcore and wrapped with cool singalongs from time to time. Their lyrics are dealing with various topics such as global warming, love problems, skateboarding, growing up, so most of these themes are consumed dozen of times by the rest of the punk rock scene, but it’s always good to know there are still bands who know how to balance their lyrics between conscious and social themes. Also, cover artwork instantly reminded me of some posters for Alfred Hitchcocks movies and whoever done this piece is a fine graphic artist who knows how to catch someones attention. Damn fine debut material by this youngsters from Venice, Italy and I advise you to check their music and support their band, because I am sure these guys will rock on their future releases.