Nocturnal Scum – S/T EP (Angry Voice Records)


Whoever crossed paths with crust punk, probably heard for a term stenchcore, much more obscure form of metallish punk mixed with slightly dirtier production and crusty aestetics. It seems that German scene is getting richer each day with more and more great bands who are praising this kind of music and Nocturnal Scum are damn good example. Their self titled EP has been published sometime in january of 2018, but it’s so good I couldn’t resist to review it one year later after publishing. Nocturnal Ward are delivering their version of stenchcore with their own signature sound which can be characterized as metalized hardcore punk with screaming female vocals. Riffs are much more metal than punk, but punk attitude is still there, mixed with pure anger and sheer aggression of their music. Nocturnal Scum are taking all the elements of old school crust punk music and delivering it with perhaps much more modern approach, but still it sounds so raw like it’s recorded sometime at the end of the 80s or perhaps at the begining of the 90s, so fans of bands such as Amebix, Deviated Instinct, Extinction Of Mankind or maybe older works of Hellbastard will probably dig this material a lot. All the tracks are recorded by the band in their rehearsal space and mastered by Enormous Door and technically speaking, everything sounds more than good for crust punk recording standards. This self titled EP is published physically by Angry Voice Records, so your best way to hear and order this brilliant material is to go directly to the Angry Voice Maildorder website and enjoy in about sixteen minutes of good stenchcore.