Tragedy – Fury LP


Legendary Portland crusties are back with another great record called Fury and this time they got bit angrier than ever before. Everything’s here, hardcore punk, japcore, bits and pieces of swedish melodic crust, a fine mixure of all our favorite subgenres merged all together on this amazing record. Fury LP starts with Leviathan which begins with classic calmy Tragedy intro and all of a sudden turns out to be recognizable tune mostly reminiscing the sound of a legendary Vengeance LP.  Leviathan leads to more mid tempo track entitled Enter The Void, a song with repeatable guitar lead and hooky riff. Kick And Scream is a third song off the Fury LP and maybe the most aggressive and chaotic one. It starts with a drum roll and hits you directly in the head with simply, but yet effective riff, great chorus and fine melody at the end. Next one is an album titled track, a classic short, but sweet hardcore punk tune which is maybe the weakest one on the whole album. Swallow The Pill is the fifth song off the album and another remarkable tune with great distorted bass line used as an overture for a short melodic guitar solo which leads to the ending refrain. A Life Entombed is sixth and last track of the Fury LP and perhaps the most d-beatish song off the whole record. Despite what’s been said, the track still possess classic Tragedy stamp of approval expressed with dark and melodic guitar feel, aggressive drumbeats, loudy singalongs and piano outro over the top. Tragedy once again delivers such a killer material, which is kinda expected after, in my honest opinion, much more weaker Darker Days Ahead LP . They’re one of the bands you’ll never be dissapointed in and Fury LP definetly deserves your full attention. Such a bone crushing material which came out without a previous warning and will stay on your turntable for a while.



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