Shadows Of Defeat – Too Little Too Late CD


Too Little Too Late is a third album by the Shadows Of Defeat. Band have managed to record whole material in their rehearsal room and publish it on their own in total amount of 500 copies. A lot of bands take this step when it comes to the album recording and publishing nowadays, but it’s not very often the case that production sounds this good like when the bands pay a lot of cash to properly record their tracks at the professional studio by the tons of sound engineers and technicians. Thanks to Paul Miner’s (ex Death By Stereo) mastering skills, it’s more than hearable that album recorded at band’s rehearsal room is more than possible. Speaking of sound, Shadows Of Defeat took their sound further with more technical approach to punk rock with bits and pieces of melodic guitar scales, great riffs, astonishing bass scales and more than perfect drumming oftenly filled with double bass pedals. Tracks are packed with melancholic feel, cleverly filled with emotive melodies characteristic for 90s punk rock bands, but on the other hand their music is full of metallish scales which are good addition to the already great music. Lyrics are mostly personal, but with occasional critic directed to the modern society we’re living in and it will definetly force listeners to pay close attention about the themes Shadows Of Defeat have explored in their lyrics. Too Little Too Late comes with wonderful artwork of a skeleton politician who’s using aquarium full of skulls and bones as a money bank. Everything is packed in a cardboard digipack and ripped onto pro done CD, so the satisfaction is more than guaranteed. Shadows Of Defeat shared the stage with some of the well known names on the scene such as Atlas Losing Grip, Face To Face, A Wilhelm Scream, Get Dead and Death By Stereo, so it’s more than clear that Swiss quintet possess certain quality expressed in a beautiful form of melodic punk rock which I am pretty sure you’ll adore.