Crouch – Caída


It became quite obvious that Latin America is almost like a heaven for skate punk bands and Crouch is one of them. This powerful trio from San José, Costa Rica have published a brand new material in a form of digital a EP called Caída. This short, but sweet skate punk symphony starts with self titled intro, not lasting more than a minute, but with more than enough time for listeners to realise what Crouch are all about. Zaguate and Love Hurts are following up and they are something like a sonic walkthrough for more than interesting guitar progressions, catchy bass lines, enriched with fast drum tempos and classic skate punk vocals. Then we have La Puerta, melodic mid tempo track featuring Isaac Coto. This tune is much more retro sounding, resembling the sound of skate punk bands from the ninetees. Last, but not least, there are two tracks called 8:40 and Indescriptible, with 8:40 sounding much more progressive than previous tracks, proving Crouch can be much more metalish and aggressive if they have urge to be. Indescriptible is a perfect closure of Caída EP, another mid tempo track with such a cool melody. It’s more than clear that Crouch outshines a lot of the bands of the same genre, because they know how to inject a perfect dose of technicality in their tunes and balance between tempos, so their tunes will not be boring even if you replay this EP multiple times. Caída EP is decorated with such a rad cover artwork, showing skateboarder falling from the cliff into abyss. Highly recommended for fans of skateboarding and cool punk rock music.