Dad Brains / Ramoms – MERRYXMAS Split 7” (Pirate Press Records)


Parenting can be tough, especially if you’re raising your kids to be antiauthoritarian pricks just like yourself. Punk rock attitude can act as a boomerang and become your worst enemy when teenagers are refusing to stay at home while they’d rather get some liquor by faking IDs at the local grocery store. After all, you can’t blame them since you done exactly the same things when you were a teenage outcast. Dad Brains and Ramoms are all about punk rock parenting, presenting the problems through hilarious lyrics and solving them like any other punk parent would. Dad Brains are delivering some hysterical shenanigans through It’s Christmas Time by covering Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies, but this time Christmas gone wrong and dads are pissed about it. Grinch is another hardcore punk classic, presented in the spirit of youth crew bands of the 80s, this time their rage is not focused on teenagers who broke their edge, but on the Grinch for stealing Christmas from them. Ramoms are on the second side of this cool 7” and their first tune is a cool cover of Chinese Rocks by the Ramones, but it’s entitled Lego Blocks and it’s quite obivous what’s track all about. Punk rock moms are getting serious on their second tune on this piece of plastic, so they covered Merry Christmas (I Don’t Wanna Fight Tonight), another classic by the Ramones. I must notice they sound just like the real Ramones, maybe one of the best tribute bands I’ve heard in a vast space of Ramones clone bands. Treat yourself with this record during the Christmas holidays if you’re tired of being a responsible parent or get one for someone who’s in exact the same position like you. After all, Christmas holidays are once per year.