The Friday Prophets – In The Key Of Sublimation LP


If you ever wondered how would Green Day sound if they were better musicians, The Friday Prophets are right up your alley. In The Key Of Sublimation is a dedication to all the bands and records The Friday Prophets have listened since they were teenagers till the present days and you’ll first notice resemblance between vocal skills of main vocalist and Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day. Musically they’re far from a pure Green Day sound, but it’s clear The Friday Prophets love their older works, but with a certain twist presented with much more technical punk rock melodies and faster tempos, characteristic for a newer skate punk bands. It’s more than clear that The Friday Prophets love all the cool skate punk bands of the ninetees, like the rest of the punk rock community, so they’re playing on a safe cards with this one, but you’ll will quite enjoy it if you’re a fan of a plain, but catchy melodic music with memorable verses and choruses. These guys simply know what are they doing and the are not shy to push their limits and go further with their music, so the final result is more than hearable on The Key Of Sublimation, an LP full of wonderful tunes which will bring you some love for cool music from the ninetees back to you heart.