Kriva Istina – Manifest Pobune


Kriva Istina are one of those bands who are not so active with their recordings, but when they put out a record, they do it with a proper blast! Their brand new album Manifest Pobune is one hell of a record, especially if you’re digging melodic punk rock music with brilliant politically charged lyrics. Let’s talk about the lyrics first. We are all aware that we are not living in the perfect world and a lot of people are too lazy to change their surroundings. Their directly pointed critic towards local and worldwide politics, not so rightful authorities, abusive aspects of social medias are just some of the themes of their lyrics, but there’s also a track dedicated to Sick As We Are aka S.A.W.A, awesome punk rock festival located in Županija, Croatia. Music can be best described as pure melodic punk rock, with pretty good riffs, amazing bass scales and tight drumming. This release is packed with good musical skills and lyrical intelligence and I hope we’ll not wait ten years for their next release. I encourage you to use google translate if Croatian language is not your native language, pay a close attention to the lyrics and you’ll see the importance of this album in these times. Also, there are some rumors that Manifest Pobune will be published on viny if this powerful trio raise enough funds, but until then, you can satisfy your musical cravings downloading an album directly from their bandcamp. Pure awesomeness!