Complete! – On The Edge EP (Melodic Punk Style)


If you ever wanted a cool soundtrack for cold and boring winter days, then Complete! is a right choice for you. Their melodies will cheer you up, keep your thoughts positive and tempo of the tracks force you to move on through life. This amazing trio from Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine is back with their brand new material called On The Edge EP and it’s a great follow up after their previous D EP, published one year ago. On The Edge EP brings five great melodic punk rock songs, similiar to skate punk bands from 90s, but with much more better production and fresh ideas. Tracks like opening Fear and Cracking Bed are great warm up for the upcoming What We Deserve and We Feel which define the sound of a band, while On The Edge is a perfect choice as a closure of the EP. The solos are great like the rest of the guitar works, bass guitar is perfectly hearable which is crucial for this type of punk rock, while drums are outstandingly keep the sound of a band in shape. On The Edge EP is published as digipack CD by Melodic Punk Style and it’s available digitally for ”pay what you want” at bands bandcamp profile, so don’t miss a chance to hear cool punk rock music from eastern Europe, cause you’ll regret it.