Dead Rest – Self Titled EP


Dead Rest have published brand new three songs EP back in september and somehow missed a chance to listen to take a listen, until now. Their sound reminds me of Hot Water Music and maybe Red City Radio, but with slightly modern approach which is similiar to the sound of Alkaline Trio. Everything’s there, from classic chords to the progressive guitar fills, amesome drumming and the vocals which are hitting the right spot. I can’t pick a favorite between The Nerve, Reckless and Empty House, because all the songs are great in their own special way and I am sure you will have the same problem as me. This material is forcing a listener to repeatedly come back to it, asking for more melodies and singalongs. You will eventually end up sitting at the front of your PC listening to this tracks over and over again. Cover artwork is plain simple with rad white logo on a grungy black background, aiming at the classy start of an awesome band. I am not familiar with this band and to be honest, I do not know if this self titled EP is their first recording, but if that’s the case, then this is the great direction to start with and I hope they will achieve a spot among greats, which they deserve more than anything.