Dead Neck – S/T 10” (Mud Cake Records)


So far, Mud Cake Records proved they’re all about technical melodic punk rock music and Dead Neck are truly one of the greats on a label. Their self titled 10” is fully charged, fast paced, emotionally packed skate punk which will buy you with very first drum beats. What drives this record the most are the phenomenal musical skills of it’s band members, mixed with great dose of anger in some tracks and perfectly wrapped with amazing vocals who ranges from clean singing to yelling characteristic for hardcore punk genre. From Cooking With A Nunchucks and Decibel; to MDK, Oriental I and Lifeline; Dead Neck as a band shows how skate punk should be played, fast and loud as hell! Five amazing tracks which will leave you more than speachless. This 10” also have a great illustration on the front cover, depicting a guy who’s reading a book in the middle of a sea and being watched by a bunch of a wierd green creatures. Perfect cover art for such a great release, if you ask me! Mud Cake Records done pretty amazing job on this one and this record is available on orange and black vinyl, both in 250 copies. Act fast and get this amazing piece of plastic now!