Terror – Total Retaliation (Pure Noise Records)


Almighty Terror are back with their seventh album called Total Retaliation. Band who are wearing their crown of the most touring and hard working bands are back with a bone crushing record, delivering thirteen powerful tracks full of rage. Their style is almost the same as on their previous records, but this time maybe a little more aggressive, faster and with much more changes in a tempo. Scotts vocals are good like ever before and whoever listened to Terror live or on their records, knows what to expect. Guitars are tight, their recognizable riffs are there, while the powerful bass is shredding at the background alongside with drums which are tearing everything apart. The lyrics are dealing with everyday life, common problems of every human being who’s dealing with friends and traitors. Standard hardcore themes, but I guess that will not ruin the impressions of Total Retaliation for anyone. Cover artwork is pretty smooth, depicting a human face shattered by all the evils mankind brought to the world, such as guns, drugs, backstabbing…etc. It’s totally done in the style of hardcore artworks of the first half of the 90s and it fits to the music quite well. One more reason to get this record at Pure Noise Records.