Contra Code – Wasted Already LP (Mud Cake Records)


Contra Code is amazing skate punk band from Vancouver, BC and their style can be defined as technical melodic skate punk, very popular style on the punk rock scene. Their album Wasted Already LP is published back in 2015, but it got a fine reissue at the end of 2017. by european Mud Cake Records, located in Duisburg, Germany. Music can be best described as well played technical punk rock played by skillful musicians, enriched by good vocals and occasionally fast drum beats. Their style is a creative mixure of melodies and more aggressive parts common for hardcore punk genre. Whole album sound like a perfectly arranged composion, well written story separated in eleven tracks that will hold your attention every time you put a turntable needle on a record. Despite the amount of technicality, this easy listening record which will never get you bored. Wasted Already LP comes in various colors such as white (200), red (150 copies) and standard black (150 copies), so head over to Mud Cake Records and grab your own piece of plastic if you’re fan of fast skate punk music alike Propagandhi, Strung Out, Belvedere or A Wilhelm Scream.