Decade – World Stops Turning


There’s a lot of d-beat bands who are just a copy / paste of classic Discharge style and we all love them and enjoy in their music, but Decade is unlike others. While all the d-bands are bringing their tunes similiar to probably Discharge’s best album Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing, Decade are doing quite opposite and play something much more near to Grave New World, Massacre Divine and Shooting Up The World. Their music is closer to heavy / thrash metal mixed with punk riffs than straight forward d-beat, which is kinda great, because it brings a refreshment on the unevolving scene. Vocalist gives a lot of effort to sound like a Cal which will maybe piss off some hardcore fans of Discharge, but he’s giving his best and I am taking my hat off to that. Music resembles to the albums I mention above, even the production is similiar to the eighties, so a lot of fans of a retro sound will love it. Decade are delivering twelwe mid tempo tracks, not more than a two and a half minute each. Perhaps the only thing that pisses me off it the same musical concept of the each track, but as always, there will be a lot of listeners who will love Decade because of that even more. Cover art is typical to the japanese hardcore bands and the artwork is done by Sugi, who is also responsible for artworks for Framtid, Slang, Masakari, Think Again, Desolation and it depicts punk strangled by japanese demon. If you’re up with the much more metal albums by Discharge, then you will love Decade.