Sick Of It All – Wake The Sleeping Dragon (Century Media)


The legends are back once again! A band who shaped NYHC scene like no one else before with classics like Blood, Sweat, No Tears and Just Look Around, brilliant albums like Scratch The Surface, Built To Last, Call To Arms, definetly defined their destinctive sound with  Yours Truly, Life On The Ropes, Death To Tyrants and countinue to tear our ears apart with Based On The True Story, XXV Nonstop, The Last Act Of Defiance. Not to mention both good live albums who set the standards how band should record an live album. Wake The Sleeping Dragon is their twelwth studio album packed with seventeen raging tracks that are ranging from true hardcore to almost punk rock anthems at some moments, which will overload your expectations if you’re truly a fan of Sick Of It All. Vocals are as good as on their previous recordings, guitar and bass shreds are at the top and the drums are tight as usual. Sick Of It All kinda always knew where to put singalongs in their tracks and they’re doing it right once again. Cover art is totally made in 40’s kaiju movie poster style, with dragon invading Empire State Building. Highly recommended to all the fans of previous recordings by Sick Of It All. They simply can’t fail!