Pennywise – Never Gonna Die (Epitaph Records)


Pennywise are celebrating 30 years of their career and what’s a better occasion to put out a brand new album than that. A legendary band that toured a whole world multiple times and put out great albums such as Full Circle, About Time, Unknown Road, Straight Ahead plus many many more, deserves a great spot on worldwide punk rock scene. Not to mention their impact on the younger generations of skateboarders and punks, who wanted to start a band alike Pennywise after playing ther vinyl records for a thousand times. Never Gonna Die is their twelfth full lenght album which proves why Pennywise are always at the top in their game. Tracks like Never Gonna Die, Live While You Can, We Set Fire, She Said, Keep Moving On, Can’t Be Ignored, Can’t Save You Now and Goodbye Bad Times are just some of the highlights of this record and for some reason they remind me of their older works. Riffs are kicking as usual and characteristic drumming technic are there as always, reminding that band can still sound fresh after 30 years of career by bringing current local and world events to the table with clear statement about it and explanation how to deal with it. For some reason, Never Gonna Die reminds me of Straight Ahead a lot, which is my favorite album by Pennywise and probably their best work to date, in my honest opinion. This album will find it’s path to a special place in your heart, so make sure to grab it on vinyl or CD.