Raw Peace – Total Death LP (Hypertension Records)


People are arguing about good and bad aspects of the web since it’s creation. There’s no doubt that thoughts on the subject differ from person to person, but damn, expansion of the scene is one of the best things that happened since the invention of the internet. Raw Peace is one of the bands I stumbled upon during my hanging on Facebook and I am so glad I got a chance to introduce myself to their music. This four piece is located in Ghent, city in Flemish region of Belgium and their music is pure mixure of d-beat and hardcore punk. Total Death is their debut album, presented with ten powerful tracks full of darkness, rage and pure aggression. Unlike some of the bands who claim d-beat as their primary genre, Raw Peace is combining everything this genre has to offer with clear approach to more hardcore punk sound and the result is more than satisfying. Tracks are short, fast, with a bit of a delay effect on the vocals, so the whole package is giving a strong presence od darkness after the first listening. Production is tight, lyrics are brilliant and this is definetly an album which won’t leave you without some kind of good impression. Raw Peace also have a demo recorded back in 2017, so make sure to check that out as well. Brilliant!